Anton and Jasmine are an art collective focusing on art and design. Both trained in architecture, they each bring their own creative strengths into the practice. Anton leads the design and visual art. Jasmine leads curatorial efforts, manages projects and design. Together they collaborate on research and design intent thats brings together the full vision of the practice.


Their research focuses on the intersection of architecture and art that has led to a direction rooted in the philosophy of Object-Oriented Ontology (OOO). ‘OOO’ philosophy enables a new aesthetic that plays with the human perception of objects and reveals a hyper reality. There is a mystery about objects once the human factor is taken away. The aim is to focus on the familiarity of mundane objects and maximize their impact by taking them out of their context. This essentially takes away the predisposition a viewer would have towards an object. 3D software can be used to experiment with what realities can be. Through software, objects can be manipulated, arranged and altered to their most unexpected state of being in the Hyper reality. They want to play with the uncanny phenomenon of digital aesthetics and work by applying technology to conventional methods of conveying art. 


With every iteration of collections, they have developed a unified vision that delves deeper into speculative realism. In the latest collection, Collection iV, the exhibition has been treated as a concept space rather than a gallery. Works of art and sculptural installations worked together with the space and lighting to create a unified visual experience to the visitors. 


Collection iV - solo show, Independent Pop-Up Concept Space

Vancouver, November 14 - 2019


Collection three - solo show, Independent Pop-Up Concept Space

Vancouver, October 18 - 2018

Collection two - solo show, Independent Pop-Up Concept Space

Vancouver, May 11 - 2018

Address Assembly - Group show

397 Alexander street, Vancouver,  May 2 - 2017

Heartbeat - solo show

Waterfall Gallery, Vancouver,  January 21 - 2016